Marvellous Melbourne by Fyfe

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Marvellous Melbourne by Fyfe

This collection of 14 limited-edition fine art prints encapsulates the essence of Melbourne through a whimsical lens, portraying familiar streets, iconic buildings, and social satire with a distinctive twist. Fyfe’s unique perspective, rooted in his upbringing in Melbourne, breathes life into the city’s landmarks—from Flinders Street Station and the Yarra River to its renowned laneways and beaches. Each print unveils a narrative that transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers to explore Melbourne’s charm in an unconventional light. “Marvellous Melbourne By Fyfe” is a celebration of the artist’s connection to his hometown, capturing the spirit of Melbourne with humour and imagination.

Andrew Fyfe is an Australian cartoonist and illustrator – best known for his live cartoons using the “pen cam” on the television show Hey Hey Its Saturday. For over fourteen years Andrew would spontaneously send-up the on screen action with but a few strokes of his pen.