Martyn, Africa Hitech and Arp101 Tour

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Martyn, Africa Hitech and Arp101 Tour


Heading the charge is Brainfeeder’s Martyn, whose debut album Great Lengths tore through the worlds of dubstep and house with its curious mix of influences and heavy lashings of bass. With a new album recently out alongside a killer mix for Fabric, the Dutchman’s multifaceted, eclectic sounds are refreshingly raw and original in today’s fragmented dubstep scene. Along with him are the ex-Brits currently residing in Sydney known as Africa Hitech, whose debut album on Warp from earlier this year we’d advise you to get your hands on – juxtaposing the melodic with the dark, impressing audiences with a unique mix of Sun Ra inspired spiritual jazz, deep techno, bass and everything in between. Not to mention mysterious electronica experimenter Arp101