Mami Presents Resonance

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Mami Presents Resonance

MAMI presents their first ever concept event – Resonance.

Resonance occurs when light or sound from two or more objects move in sync, producing an even greater vibration than the original forms together. As individuals, Will and Adam are DJs, but together as MAMI they are greater than the sum of their parts. As the music swells and the crowd starts moving in sync with them, the room becomes one emotional vibration, true resonance.

This event will be an immersive boiler room experience where the duo, instead of playing side by side, will be face to face on separate DJ consoles. Housed down an unassuming laneway in the heart of the CBD, this secret industrial paradise is equipped with a truly spectacular sound system and a visual experience to match.

Song by song, set by set, night by night – MAMI have developed their signature sound, cementing their position in every dancer’s heart. An assimilation of Melodic House and Techno, integrating the euphoria of high-energy tonal melodies with the deepness of heavy Progressive House, MAMI provides a truly unique offering to Melbourne’s music scene. Their deepest desire is that every performance takes you on a journey, an immersive and transformative experience that goes beyond the music itself.

A local lineup with artists that share MAMI’s musical passion and aligned desires has been carefully curated to support the boys on the night.