Maggotfest II – Saturday October 29, The Tote

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Maggotfest II – Saturday October 29, The Tote


Maggotfest II took over The Tote, bringing with it a dozen of the country’s scuzziest and most venerable acts. While the original lineup of The Sailors, gigging for the first time since 2007, were clearly who many were excited to see back in action, leading off the day (especially with the sun being out) was something of a challenge. Deep Heat, Per Purpose and and Marf Loth were up for the challenge though, and produced memorable sets in their own right.

Playing to a smallish audience, it wasn’t the most auspicious of starts for Deep Heat. Their lead singer’s voice gave out early in the set; clearly frustrated, the rest of the band still responded well, rotating vocal duties. Drummer Katie Harrigan kept time with marked precision, ensuring that the band’s swift brand of garage punk stayed afloat. Their half hour set was brisk and you have to reward the band for their resiliency.

Per Purpose, who win the award for the skinniest band of the land, drew a larger crowd. Their greasy tunes may not have been the most precise of the afternoon, but by the end of the set, it was hard not to be seduced by their ragged charm. It was clear that Per Purpose have their punk ethos in tow and with a EP on Bedroom Suck Records in tow, it won’t be long before they’ll be playing gigs like Maggotfest much later in the day.

Marf Loth took the party upstairs, playing what turned out to be a highlight filled set. There were strong hints of classic rock throughout their set, and the five-piece played the cramped surroundings with massive grins on their faces. It was incredibly entertaining to see them play a stage the size of a small bedroom with the enthusiasm of a stadium rock act.

It’s rare that bands playing early in the afternoon get the attention they deserve. But if the first three bands were any indication, a return of Maggotfest in 2012 will be even better attended.


LOVED: That a full day of stellar acts wouldn’t have cost the crowd a fortune.

HATED: That afternoons like this one don’t come around more often.

DRANK: In moderation. Pacing yourself is everything.