Issue 1690

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

The Monday after Meredith was an upwards climb with no end in sight. Tom’s eyes were painted with a glaze thicker than a bowl of Uncle Toby’s oats on a winter morning. Caleb, with only 50 per cent of his memory intact, was at risk of throwing up into the office recycling bin at any moment. Man oh man, was it worth it.

Speaking of festivals, Beat 1690, our FINAL ISSUE FOR THE DECADE, is published with a heavy heart as we bid adieu to Tassie’s Party in the Paddock. 2020 is promising to be its last, but we’ve been assured it won’t be going gently. We catch up with the mastermind behind it all, Jesse Higgs, to find out why the team is moving on to greener pastures. RIP PITP.

We’re also saying goodbye to Beat office gremlin Caleb who, upon being caught eating all of the communal office muesli bars, screamed “you can’t fire me, I quit!” and dramatically sashayed out the office doors for the last time. Apt.

This edition also coincides with our New Year’s Special spotlighting all of the best NYE parties set to hit Melbourne as we tick over into 2020. Find Fitzroy faves Persa and The Provincial and get the lowdown on what The Boatbuilders Yard and The Local Taphouse have in store for the big occasion. Oh yeah, there’s a Rick  and Morty themed NYE party too. Yes, please!

On top of that, there’s our traditional Writers’ Wrap Up where we asked each of the writers for their top picks of the year… and the decade. Did your favourite albums make the cut?

So yeah, that’s it. See you next decade.