Issue 1682

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s note

The most expressive and inclusive edition of the year is upon us. Melbourne Fringe brings with it inclusion and articulation, expertise and ambition. This is freedom and we are so lucky to be able to tell some of the festival’s 2019 story to you.

With over 450 events across the extravaganza, there’s no way we’d be able to squeeze every event in but every one we have brings with it a special story. Take Brett Ashby and his production Energy, live performance art which sees the mixed multimedia artist paint and skateboard at the same time – music icons such as Cash Savage, Mick Turner and Sarah McLeod act as the subjects.

Or take Jordan Gilmour’s For Our Freedom, a multi-arts installation which shines a light on the perpetual crevasse dividing Indigenous Australians and asylum seekers with the country’s power. There’s also rising comedian Simon Taylor who brings his cunning wit back to the Melbourne stage for Fringe. I’ve listed three events and I’ll let you explore the rest – there’s something for everyone here.

With her second album, Complex, out in the world, Montaigne is featured on our cover for #1682. She tells us about the journey to the sophomore piece, how it was incremental and often sporadic and arose when touring had momentarily abated. Such an intriguing artist who has had such a profound impact on Australia’s music scene, this is certainly one to read.

Boil yourself a tea, grab a few bikkies and take a seat, you’re in for a ride.