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Issue 1670

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

The first week of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was a wild ride. The adrenalin that comes with debuting your show could be compared to launching yourself off New Zealand’s highest bungee jump or tackling a 12,000 foot skydive or trapping the elusive resident huntsman or stepping on a snake or whatever other avenue of absurdity you can think of.

For hundreds of comedians, Wednesday March 27 was the day months and months of stress was alleviated. A concept that had been bottled up like a congregation of year-old pickles in a jar was finally freed into the world. For so many creative personalities, this was the day they got the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on their next comedic enterprise. Let’s hope for all they got the positive verdict.

As we enter the second week of this grandiose exercise in humour, there must be disdain for those still couch-bound at home. Get out of the house – there’s a party going on that’ll give you the serotonin kick to quash any midweek blues. Get the pen out and do an eenie meenie miney mo on your official Beat MICF guide or use a friend’s expertise or use your own – it’s the sustenance Melbourne’s comedic identity needs and deserves.

Beat’s hot tips for 1670 come through Arj Barker, Cameron James, Dave’s Shed Show Live, Jimeoin as well as Maria Bamford and Foil, Arms and Hog. It’s any sane Melburnian’s feast, tuck in.