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Issue 1667

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

Some musicians never fully realise the scope of their artistic endeavour until well into their careers. The path can be arduous as the tussle with perfectionism and self-doubt clouds the process. An intriguing story of boundless growth and success comes in the form of Dean Lewis, a pop connoisseur well entrenched in his own sphere. He described the recording of his debut EP as him “just throwing things at the wall, seeing what sticks.”

Fast forward from 2017 to 2019 and Lewis has fully realised who he is and what his music needs to sound like, explaining to us in this week’s cover story, “I really figured out in the production [of new album, A Place We Knew] what sounds like me – I like to keep it raw, acoustic, the vocals to be upfront, not add too much stuff.”

With a stoicism to challenge even the greatest music industry resister and a surety of his music that would usurp even the most established musicians, Dean Lewis is a serious force to be reckoned with. As we keenly await Lewis’ debut album, the likes of The Murlocs, Amanda Palmer, Mojo Juju and rising indie rocker SASAMI also join us for our 1667th edition. We also get the rundown on Fitzroy North stalwart the Royal Oak and take a dive into some stellar live action. Come and join us for the ride, if you dare.