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Issue 1657

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas my enthusiastic Beat readers for our special Christmas album special is upon us. Most of the year’s albums and EPs have been and gone so it’s time to have some fun, to tuck into the iconic Christmas collections that have confounded us through manners of appeal and disgust. I bet you can guess where Jessica Simpson comes in and Elvis Presley on the other side of the coin. Bob Dylan also wrote a Christmas LP as did Weezer but how did they figure? You’ll just have to find out.

UNIFY Gathering is just around the corner and nu metallers Ocean Grove adorn our cover before their final performance in their current form. Luke Holmes [vocals] and Jimmy Hall [guitar] are moving on so there will be plenty to celebrate when they take to the stage on Friday January 11. We also chat to Hellions before there mammoth UNIFY slot.

Grampians Music Festival is decorating a beautiful part of the world with the sounds of Angie McMahon, Slum Sociable and Sampa the Great and more and the former of three kindly sits down to discuss her busy year which has seen her garner acclaim worldwide. There’s heaps more too so take a flick through my friends, it’s our Christmas gift to you.