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Issue 1628

Words by Zoe Mulcahy

Editor’s Note

My time at Beat Magazine has definitely been short but sweet. I’ve been reading Beat cover to cover for about half my lifetime, so it’s safe to say working for the very street magazine I have loved for over a decade was beyond a dream come true.

To the group of absolute misfits and legends that make up the team at Beat, it has been a pleasure spending more time with you than not. And yes, sometimes it got weird on late night deadlines…I’m talking specifically to you Gloria.

To everyone reading this, you would not believe the amount of passion and dedication that goes into each and every page of this magazine. It is actually insane how hard these people work. I’ve never met two editors that give this much of a shit about music and creating a platform for local artists to stand on. They really are the core of this magazine. I will miss you.

Ed. – We’re gonna bloody miss you Zoe.