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Issue 1611

Words by Gloria Brancatisano

Editor’s Note

Usually I like to start these things with simple pleasantries, but I’m skipping that because I just want to talk about Baker Boy. From last week to today, it’s like we are passing the baton – from an icon in the Australian music landscape to one of the brightest young voices to emerge out of 2017. With only two singles under his belt, Baker Boy’s already making his mark on the Aussie hip hop scene – and rightly so. If the cheers he received at my Hottest 100 party were anything to go by, his set at St Kilda Festival is going to be huge. Flick on over and hear what he has to say.

While you’re setting up your St Kilda Festival timetable (seriously, I recommend it), we’re also planning a weekend roadtrip perfect for Grampians Music Festival, introducing you to Bernadette Novembre, taking a peek inside the brain of artist Stormie Mills and chatting to Benny Walker ahead of his appearance at Yalukut Weelam Ngargee.

Now go forth, discover some new music, share it with a mate, see a live gig and hang with a bunch of new friends, dance around your room alone – however it is you enjoy these beautiful sounds. I’m gonna jump in my car and sing really loudly to Gang of Youths again – sorry to anyone that stops beside me.