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Issue 1610

Words by Gloria Brancatisano

Editor’s Note

Listening – we do it every day, whether we’re checking out our new favourite album or straining to hear a conversation between two strangers sitting a few seats over on the train. This week listening has never been more important. With January 26 just around the corner (or today or yesterday depending on when you’re reading this) now is the time to really listen to the stories and struggles of those who are truly affected by this day.

Sometimes the conversations might seem confronting or uncomfortable, but sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable in order to learn. While it’s important to speak up, sometimes it’s better to stand back and give a platform to people whose voices are most often silenced.

We are absolutely humbled to have Archie Roach on this week’s cover. He is a patron for the inaugural Australian Music Vault and the role he has played in the Australian music landscape, and society as a whole, is incomparable.

While we look back at the Australian musical landscape throughout history, we also get to know the next batch of Aussie superstars. From NT-based soul pop singer Caiti Baker, to ethereal singer-songwriter Emily Wurramara, the captivating Ziggy Ramos and musical powerhouse Billy Davis.

While you’re reading our mag, while you’re going about your day-to-day, keep listening. We are the future. Change is coming.