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“Probably the thing I’m most scared of is even though I love this job and I love comedy, that I’m not good enough to really make a living off it,” he says with that trademark nervous voice-crack. “Like it’s going good now but I kinda feel like an imposter and someone’s gonna go, ‘Whoop, we caught him. Not a real comic’ and take it all away. I feel like someone’s gonna come in and go, ‘Caught ya, you’re not that funny’.

“The new show is I Worry That I Worry Too Much and I worry that title is a bad title for a comedy show. Usually I worry about how long it’s been since I’ve spoken to my parents, and then don’t ring. I gotta ring more,” he laughs, anxiously.

As a correspondent on Dirty Laundry,one of my favourite interviews ever is McGregor’s interview of X Factor winner Samantha Jade. He begins by gifting her a basket full of banal plants, then after some uncomfortable flirtation, goes on to ask questions such as, “You’ve got a single called What You’ve Done To Me. What did they do to you?” and “You won X Factor. Kylie Minogue had an album called X. INXS also had an album called X. Do you have an exes?” McGregor credits the juxtaposition between his awkward character and light-hearted questions as the reason his interviewees are generally so open.

“The secret was we didn’t give them any questions they didn’t want to answer. They felt awkward but comfortable that they weren’t gonna get any curveballs that were gonna put them off, like, ‘I heard you killed a dog once’. Well, they probably wouldn’t kill a dog, but if they did we wouldn’t ask them. It was strange kind of playing a character but also pretty much me.”

Then, halfway through our interview, McGregor stumped me with something that has never happened to me in 100 of interviews before.

“Sorry it feels weird having one side of the conversation,” he apologises. “I feel like we should talk about you more. I feel bad.”

After some assurance that he hasn’t hurt my feelings, we move on to McGregor’s hero Dave Chappelle. It’s particularly interesting that McGregor is infatuated with Chappelle, given that their comedic styles are so vastly different.

“I met Dave Chappelle once really briefly. I love him. I used to watch him do stand-up on YouTube before a set to get me in the right mood. I got to shake his hand once at Montreal Comedy Festival. I was talking to a guy and the guy goes, ‘Have you met my friend Dave?’ and I know everything about Dave. I research about him, I watch every stand-up he comes out with, I try to find hidden clips, interviews, podcasts – everything. The guy means so much to me, so I felt like I wanted to thank him for everything he’s given me in the five seconds we had together. So I went to say, ‘I’m Luke from Tasmania’ but I ended up saying, ‘I’m Luke Tasmania’ and then he goes, ‘Cool man’ and then he had to go.”

When I interviewed comedian Matt Okine soon after, he confirmed McGregor’s bizarre relationship with the comedy icon.

“We were with [Chappelle] in Adelaide. Luke came backstage and then we all went out to the clubs as a sort of after party and watching Luke, and I thought I was gonna be bad but I gotta admit, Luke really took the cake. He was shaking I swear.”