Live On The Lanes: The free Touch Sensitive gig from Strike Bowling

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Live On The Lanes: The free Touch Sensitive gig from Strike Bowling

Touch Sensitive

What do you get when you multiply an eternity with infinity? The correct answer to the question ‘So just how long did lockdown feel?’

Now that we can throw off the weighted blankets, change out of the food-stained trackies and haul ourselves off the couch to leave the house again, there’s a backlog of things to catch up on.

Going out with friends, seeing live music, having drinks, and rolling heavy balls down an alley to topple a bunch of neatly arranged bowling pins. The good news is you can actually make up for that lost time by combining all these activities in the one big night – and better yet, not shell out a single cent – thanks to Strike Bowling.

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You may know of Strike for their ten pin bowling lanes, laser tag, karaoke and escape rooms, but for one night a year they present Live On The Lanes, where they turn the alley into an arena. Well, maybe not an ‘arena’ so much, but more of an exclusive live music venue with an intimate show performed for the invite-only guest list.

Live On The Lanes has previously featured the high-energy likes of Confidence Man and Melbourne six-piece Northeast Party House, and while the pandemic hit the pause button for the past two years, the electronic dance beats are back, this time with multi-instrumentalist, self-confessed synth-freak and italo-style icon Touch Sensitive.

To celebrate our return to some semblance of normality, Live On The Lanes will be happening over three massive nights in three separate cities along the East Coast. The very first Live On The Lanes Tour will be in Melbourne on May 11, at Strike QV; in Brisbane on May 12, at Strike Wintergarden; and then on May 13, at Strike King Street Wharf in Sydney, with each show having a maximum of only 300 guests.

Touch Sensitive is headlining the whole tour, and will be playing his hits including ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Pizza Guy’ on a custom-built platform that will be on top of the bowling alley, allowing for audience to have an up-close experience and the chance to bowl alongside the stage.

For Touch Sensitive, which is the solo project for Australian producer and Van She member Michael Di Francesco, the Live On The Lanes shows will be the most unique venue he’s ever played.


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So how do you get on this exclusive guest list? It’s easy. Simply go to Strike website – oh lookout, here’s the link right here – and enter. If you win, you and your plus-one will be on the door list, which grants you gratis entry into this unique gig and before, during and after the tunes you’ll have a night of free bowling, washed down with complimentary beer from Byron Bay brewery.

Who’s shouting all these free tickets, beer and bowling? The good people at Funlab, who not only own Strike Bowling but Holey Moley Golf Club, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, B. Lucky & Sons, Red Herring Escape Rooms and La Di Darts, wanted to support the Australian music scene by injecting some life back into things after a quiet couple of years.

There are some things money can’t buy, and tickets to a Live On The Lanes Show is one of them. However, if you strike it lucky, you’re in for a great night of free entertainment, so hurry and enter here now. The competition closes on May 4 and winners will be announced at 5pm on May 5.

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