Live at The Count’s: Jemma Cher

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Live at The Count’s: Jemma Cher

Sophistication and charisma beyond her years, Jemma Cher brings a repertoire of Jazz, Gospel and RnB to The Count’s with an all-star band.

Jemma Cher, a Melbourne-based vocalist, brings maturity, sophistication and dazzling virtuosity to every performance. At 22 years old she carries many years of stage experience which have shaped the soulful artist she is today.

Having headlined over two hundred solo performances, received four Performing Arts scholarships, placed first in numerous local competitions and eisteddfods, and reached the semi-finals of the Rob Guest Endowment award at just 17 years old, it is safe to say Jemma is no stranger to the unifying power of music and its effect on people.

Jemma is currently working with her band The Bookends, who are set to release their debut single in 2023 with a series of live performances.