Little Faiths presents Octo Thursdays

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Little Faiths presents Octo Thursdays

Each Thursday in October, Little Faiths will present some of our favourite bands, especially curated for the Evelyn. Octo Thursdays will bring you the western swing of Shaky Stills, Annual Leaf’s smorgasbord of melodic riffs, the cult power pop of John Dowler’s Vanity Project and the mystifying alt/pop soundscapes of Burning Grace – and much much more.

Shaky Stills
Ten Gallon Head
Little Faiths

Headlining are Shaky Stills…Melbourne’s own original country western, tex mex, trucker and western swing band and play only the best drinking songs. They deliver only the prime cuts and take no detours performing with their incredibly tight sound, three-part harmonies, classic 7” singles arrangements and big hearted honesty.

In the middle are Ten Gallon Head, a long-standing quartet whose guitar-and-keyboard-driven blend of rock and roll, powerpop, rockabilly and psychedelia will soon come together for listeners on their long-awaited second LP, which sees the band take a wild leap away from their country-folk-tinged origins into something melodic, swinging and kaleidoscopic.

Opening the night are your hosts, Little Faiths, the song writing pairing of Douglas Galbraith and Jon Baxter, fellow music obsessives whose creative output spiralled when they put their heads together. Over the last two years they have compiled a sonic scrapbook crammed full of reveries, schemes, and shadowy recordings that are now slinking out into the light of day.

At the Evelyn, Little Faiths will be in full band mode.