Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders on their forthcoming album, ‘Come Undone’

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Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders on their forthcoming album, ‘Come Undone’


The band have already given a few tastes of what to expect from the forthcoming album, with the release of singles Undone and Useless Shit, the latter being accompanied by a film clip.

“I had this idea of having a garage sale and getting lots of people in and filming it. I spoke to a friend of mine, a guy called John Campbell, who has directed a few of Aaron Gocs’ videos and he threw a few ideas at me and helped me flesh out the story behind it,” says le Fevre.

“Gocsy’s a fan of our stuff too, so John helped get him on board. The director, Sam Orchard, had this idea of having a car ride so we put all the pieces together and that’s what we came up with.”

Come Undone displays a darker sound than what we have seen from Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders in the past, according to le Fevre, who wanted to steer away from the sound displayed on their previous album. 

“This is our third full-length, this one was recorded with a guy called Mike Deslandes who is more of a metal producer, he plays in a doom and metal band. I didn’t want to make the last record again, the last record was a bit more funky/acoustic, so I think having a heavy producer was part of that progress,” he says.

The band’s previous record, Resonation was released in 2015. Le Fevre attributes the gap between albums to a bout of writing troubles associated with his mental health.

“I hadn’t been writing, I had a writer’s block which stems from depression that I get every so often. It was four years between the last two records as well, so we’re sort of on par. I don’t write a lot of stuff, I’m not someone who can churn out two amazing songs every day. It’s a slow process for me,” says le Fevre.

“Just after Resonation came out I wrote a song called Newcastle, it was totally different to what we’d been working on. It’s slower, a kind of heavy, dark thing. I guess the rest of the record was an effort to make a record that song was going to fit in the context of.”

Le Fevre is poetic in his songwriting, his lyrics offer the narrative qualities of a great storyteller, though he says Come Undone presents a slightly different writing approach.  

Resonation accumulated through living in Hobart for such a long time. This [album] was much more introspective, mostly because I was struggling to get out of my own head, so it’s a little less story-based than the last one,” he says.

“I like stories, I like narratives, I feel I can capture a story. I’m not so good at writing lyrical stuff that doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe it’s insecurity that what I’m saying isn’t important enough so I have to give it a story.”

Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders will be giving a sneak peek of their new album at The Reverence Hotel later this month ahead of their official album launch at The Gasometer in August. The show will also help The Reverence Hotel celebrate its fifth birthday.

“We’re going to play maybe five or six tracks off the new record and then a few old hits, songs that people like. It’ll be fun, we’ll play a party set,” says le Fevre of the Reverence Hotel gig.

Following that, the outfit will tour the album nationally throughout August.