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Who came up with the idea for your crates? The crates were originally made as Christmas presents for my family. I think I made 15 from plywood scraps lying around the workshop. I recently found number 14 at my sister’s place. It looks so rough compared to how we make them now.

We’ve seen them everywhere, are they your most sold product? Yes, the crates are our most popular item. We’ve made over 8000 of the original large size and about another 4000 of the various other sizes. Many of the Butters have made them over the years but for the last three or four years Tom has made every one himself. He does a brilliant job.

How many different fashions can you use them? They get used for everything but one of my highlights was a crate where the client had cut slots in the front, screwed it to the wall and used it as a bike rack, then stored his helmet and gear in the remaining space.

What accessories look great with crates? Plants. The ply looks great with some foliage. Sonia Rentsch styled the first product shoot for the crates and we traipsed around the neighbourhood borrowing leaves and small branches to style the shoot with. Still one of my favourite photo series I’ve done for Butter. Sonia is the best.

What are your top five favourite records? I don’t like playing favourites but my top five albums in no particular order are Department of Eagles – In Ear Park, Joan as Police Woman – The Deep Field, Sharon Van Etten – Are We There, Leftfield – Leftism and The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs.