Life of Byron

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Life of Byron

Australian comedy legends Tony Nikolakopoulos and George Kapiniaris team up once again to bring you the world premiere of The Life of Byron. Following the success of their national 2-year tour of their previous collaboration, The Last Proxy, the duo, along with writer Sally Faraday, are excited to bring this heartfelt comedy to the stage.

Filled with laughter and pathos, The Life of Byron is a heartwarming exploration of family and the challenges of love, responsibility, and growing up. The play sees the world through the eyes of one man as he struggles with one of the most important decisions he’ll ever make – and the choices, mistakes and the greatest influence that have brought him to this point.

Byron’s mother is suffering from the early effects of dementia, and his sister Alex thinks the best option is to sell the house and put their mum in a nursing home. Can Byron send his mother away? Has he got what it takes to care for her himself? Or can he use the time he’s got left with his mum to unlock her mystery and maybe, finally, grow up in the process?

Produced, directed and written by Tony Nikolakopoulos (Last Proxy, Honeymoon in Hellas, Café Rebetika, Underbelly, Last King Of The X) with co-writer Sally Faraday (Red Lopez, Dog Park), The Life of Byron is a sweet and tender theatrical experience and an ode to the extraordinary lives of a generation of migrants who made Australia what it is today.