Less Than Jake took us back 25 years because where has the time gone?

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Less Than Jake took us back 25 years because where has the time gone?


Melbourne quartet Foxtrot took the stage first, blasting their punk rock and energetic vibes to the audience and raising their adrenaline for the next act, punk rockers Bodyjar, who only intensified the atmosphere with their lively riffs and electrifying act. 

The moshpit was filled with bouncing bodies that further developed into a big crazy circle pit as soon as Less Than Jake jumped onstage and projected their wacky combination of trumpet tunes, saxophone beats, catchy guitars and drums. ‘Dopeman’was one of the classics that drove everybody insane as the band members displayed their wild enthusiasm to let loose and have fun.

‘Good Enough’ incorporated Buddy’s fantastic trumpet playing that really made the band’s individual take on punk rock distinctive and engaging. At one point, Less Than Jake invited two people from the crowd onto the stage to have a contest of who could scull their drink the fastest, which was fun to witness as both guys were determined to reap the victory. Less Than Jake also had a lot of humorous banter onstage, and at one point they were even encouraging people to take their shirts off and show off their moustaches.

‘Overrated (Everything is)’had people jumping around everywhere as Less Than Jake unleashed their raw punk rock spirit and red balloons were released to the crowd. ‘The Ghost Of You And Me’ was fast-paced with hooky riffs and Chris Demakes’ passionate vocals. It was clear the band were grateful to the audience for always sticking by them throughout their 25-year career. See you in 25 more.

Highlight: Less Than Jake getting two guys onstage to scull their drinks.


Crowd favourite: ‘