Lehmo: Lehmooo! (Get Amongst It!)

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Lehmo: Lehmooo! (Get Amongst It!)


From the title alone, you can kind of gather this show is going to be an all-Aussie affair. Lehmo is a thinking-bogan’s man. He loves footy, drinking beer and giving shit to Tony Abbott. His show starts off discussing these very topics in depth, but unfortunately he doesn’t really cover any new ground – the same jokes are pretty much covered on Triple M every morning.

He demonstrates a surprising amount of patriotism, not only for our Australian cricket team’s win in the World Cup, but also support for our military forces – especially after travelling to Afghanistan to perform stand-up for the troops. After six tours to warzone countries he has some genuinely interesting stories, but the Chopper-inspired accent he uses to impersonate every Australian soldier gets tiring after a while.

Thankfully the second half of Lehmo’s show is worth the wait. His true comedic brilliance shines when it comes to everyday situational humour, picking apart the agonising personal experiences we can all relate to. Having recently married in Bali, he has some interesting and fairly insightful facts about relationships. 

There’s no denying Lehmo is a smart guy and, with his own breakfast show and a regular spot on Ten’s The Project, he obviously knows a hell of a lot about current affairs. Still, he probably should spend less time trying to get the cheap politician joke and more time poking harmless fun at the sillier things in life.