Kyuss Lives!

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Kyuss Lives!


Kyuss have reformed and will tour Australia!

John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri are reuniting Kyuss and are set to unleash their desert rock fury across Australia in 2011.

The long-haired legend that has become Kyuss was formed in 1989. In October 1995, just three months after releasing what was arguably their breakthrough album …And The Circus Leaves Town, Kyuss broke up. The band has been on an indefinite hiatus ever since, and has gone on to reach legendary status – influencing thousands of rock bands all over the world.

Last year Garcia toured Europe under the pseudo name “Garcia Plays Kyuss”. He planned a one-time only tour to play his favorite Kyuss songs live. Mission accomplished. But Garcia was wrong, dead wrong. The demand appeared to be much bigger than he originally thought. People loving Kyuss were not your average fans, they were truly apostles! No matter what city or town the band hit, how small the clubs or how big the festivals were, sheer madhouses’ at every show ensued. During the Hellfest Festival in France, Nick and Brant spontaneously joined John on stage and they felt something they hadn’t felt in over 20 years.

It was impossible to explain the feeling but the adrenaline rush they all shared was obvious. It was time to mirror that feeling once again by hooking up in the desert and jamming out. Within a few hours all three had decided to get that Kyuss legacy where it really belongs……, and on stage, played straight to the people, for the people, who had never got a chance to see the real deal back in the day.

They are coming to Australia in May 2011 to fuck shit up and fuck you up. Consider the rest history. They play Billboard in Melbourne on Sunday May 8. Tickets are available from Ticketek and Billboard’s Website.