Kyle Kinane

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Kyle Kinane


Kyle Kinane isn’t just another “straight, white, bearded comedian,” in spite of himself he is a self-proclaimed optimist, the kind of guy who’ll drop a contact lens in the ocean and look for it. This sense of optimism punctuates the wry, occasionally bleak subject matter of his sardonic live performance.

In his debut Australian solo show, Kinane delivers an hour of stand-up which claims to having no central theme. The everyman comedian interrogates his own life and the world around him with an acerbic wit, weaving personal anecdotes, with self-reflection and the perfect amount of self-deprecation.

Kinane doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable, “willing to lose most of you to win over a select few.” The show is honest and personal and so consistently hilarious that he certainly didn’t seem to lose anyone. While it doesn’t contain lessons from his father, or wrap up neatly like a college term paper, it is a human and humourous exploration of what drives a 30 something to “drinking in the shower and saying bless you to cats”. Well worth an hour of your time.