Kutcha Edwards to tour new show ‘Circling Time’

Kutcha Edwards to tour new show ‘Circling Time’

Kutcha Edwards
Kutcha Edwards
Words by Talia Rinaldo

Kutcha Edwards is on the road again from May 19 bringing truth-telling into our own backyards via his new music theatre creation 'Circling Time – Songs & Stories'.

Following the release of his fifth studio album Circling Time, singer, songwriter and proud Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta and Nari Nari man, Kutcha Edwards is heading out on tour this May, taking to locations across the state.

The First Nations musical luminary will kick off the tour at the Potato Shed in Drysdale on Thursday, May 19, before taking to Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, Portland Arts Centre, Kyneton Town Hall, The Bowery Theatre in St Albans and One Community in Blackburn before finishing up at Bunjil Place in Naree Warren on Tuesday May 31. From June, he’ll then take in a run of dates spanning Frankston, Shepparton, Sale, Mildura and heaps more.

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An artist who has maintained a vital place in the Australian music industry over his 20+ year career, using music to create connections across cultures, generations, and spaces, Kutcha will be touring ‘Circling Time – Stories and Songs’, a show that draws its essence from the songs on his latest album Circling Time. The new album is profound and a timely reminder of the incredible depth and talent of one of the most inspiring voices within the country.

“In telling my story, I believe I’m telling my family’s story. Within the structure of family, there are members whose role it is to protect Country. For others it’s to protect the memories such as photos. I believe I have been given the responsibility to protect my family’s Songline,’’ said Kutcha.

With an innate ability to communicate, he uses his unique, diverse talents to nurture understanding and self-knowledge amongst all those with whom he has contact. Kutcha is a Songman, not simply a songwriter. He draws on a profound sense of all those who have gone before him on this land, along with his own life experiences, to help his audiences understand themselves, reconnect with their culture and promote cultural understanding.

Weaving his Songline into the very fabric of our souls, Kutcha’s upcoming show is arranged in sequences exploring Kutcha’s life through the themes of Country, Birth, Youth, Politics, Love, Culture, Healing and Hope. Each theme is bathed in individualised colours and enhanced by stunning projections that amplify the poignancy of Kutcha’s original songs and stories.

Both show and album speak of the still present truth of Australia’s past, of families, ripped apart and long journeys searching, not always finding.

“Justice, heritage, forgiveness – all are words that resonate with me deeply. It’s my role to give songs meaning so that they can continue to connect my family and all my clans to Country. This album is filled with spirit. It’s this spirit that I need to share and pass on so we can begin to heal and understand what our ancestors have passed on to us… the true meaning of ‘Circling Time’,’’ said Kutcha.

Without a doubt, Kutcha leaves audiences enthralled with his performance, his beautiful voice, charismatic stage presence and with a deeper understanding of the Australia’s first people. His music touches the soul, bringing unique insights into Indigenous culture and will make this select run of shows ones to remember.

Tickets can be purchased here. For Geelong specifically, you can book tickets via the Potato Shed here