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Kriss Hades


What’s the story of Rev Kriss Hades – what’s been happening ?

“I’ve been to hospital and become an alcoholic. I’ve been to Moscow and I’m a surrealist now. Always been a surrealist, actually.”

So first, up what’s the deal with the name? Are you a real Reverend? How’s that even work? What sort of church would that be for anyways?

“That’s a good question. It’s a real church. And I ain’t a real Reverend. I cannot reveal the identity of this church other than that the purpose of the church is for beautiful women and girls to wear black while going to funerals. Not necessarily gothic clothing, but they must congregate themselves before the high priest, which is myself.”

What’s the story of Rev Kriss Hades – what’s been happening since Sadistik Exekution?

“I’ve been to hospital and become an alcoholic. I’ve been to Moscow and I’m a surrealist now. Always been a surrealist, actually.”

Your music encompasses a wide range of genres and influences within black metal. What is the most important element included in your music?

The word genre is shit. The other word I hate is… well, actually, I blocked that word out, I hate it that much. Oh, I remember now. AESTHETIC. I HATE THAT WORD!”

Your live shows are said to be nothing short of dynamically crazed. What do they

typically involve?

“Has anyone seen Get Smart when they drop acid, when they’re full on tripping because they put a gigantic acid trip in the water supply? That’s what I’m trying to recreate; Get Smart with added chaos.

What’s the vibe you’re trying to impart at the live show? What’s all this about an imperious, vampiric presence we hear about?

“Dr Fibes.”

In term of your music , what’s the most important aspect that you want people to walk away with?

“Professionalism, and a hard on. Or\no, not that. Give us some cash and we’ll do our best to play well. Otherwise, we’ll put a curse on you. We’re like a gypsies in that sense.”

What, do you believe, is the allure of black metal?

“The T-shirts.”

In your opinion, what makes a great metal guitarist?

Getting killed and dying, preferably inappropriately. Randy Rhodes, Dimebag Darrell, Paganini (syphilis) and Syd Barrett, of course. And, that guy Jimmy… Jimmy… Hendrix? Page? Barnes? No. Scratch that last one. Is Jimmy Page even still alive?

You’ve toured all over the place. Where do you find that you receive the best response?

Berlin and Melbourne and Dubbo Tip.”

What’ve you got to sell CD-wise?

“I dunno. Ask Daniel from Modern Invasion.”

When’s the gig and with who?

“The gig is this Saturday December 11 at The East Brunswick Club, supported by a couple of bands worth checking out; Agonhymn and Heirs. Who I’m playing with specifically constitutes the assemblage of the worst and most insane individuals currently residing in the Australian music scene. We have Matt Skitz on drums, and hearing him play in the same room after all these years is the most refreshing carpet bombing since the Sad X tour we did 15 years ago. Morte, currently the record holder for ‘Worst Individual On Earth’ is singing. We have a young keyboardist going by the black metal stage name of Dan Tucceri who put the entire show together and has the sound of Dr Fibesian Attention Deficit DIS Order down to a fine art. Our bassist Dav Byrne is perhaps the only relatively sane individual participating and has worked hard to contain the insanity that has confronted him nearly every day for the greater public good. Subsonic spine crusher Julian Culpan will likely provide the nitrous oxide as well.”

The East Brunswick Club this week – what will the night entail?

“PSYKEDLELIK MINIMILISTIK BLAKK METAL NOISE; PMBMN. If I have to explain that any more times, I’m going to have to kill myself. This is a sound that most resembles Diamanda Galas with a hard on and Salvador Dali with boobs and Max Ernst paintings on fire because the Nazi arseholes burnt them, and I WANT REVENGE!!! (WE LIKE REVENGE!)”

Anything else to add?

“Tune out, drop off and turn in.”