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So supposedly Nas and Mobb Deep have patched up their differences (read – Prodigy has stopped being an arrogant arsehole douche) and are now talking about recording an album together. Please zombie Jesus, for the love of QB make this happen.

I promised myself I would not be like every other writer and describe Vents as a socio-politically conscious rapper. So instead I’m going to call him the verbal equivalent of throwing a brick through a Starbucks window with a ciggie hanging from your mouth, while keeping tabs on the Egyptian revolution on Twitter. I’ve only just got to listen to his second innings at the crease Marked for Death but it is definitely up there for release of the year. Vents Uno’s punch in the teeth delivery doesn’t just tear apart the institutions that screw the common man, but lyrically he actually gets a little more personal on this one too. Oh, and the production from Trials is epic.

Have you seen the line-up for Rock The Bells 2011? Nas doing Illmatic, Rae & Ghost doing OB4CL, GZA doing Liquid Swords, Souls of Mischief doing 93 til Infinity, Black Moon doing Enta Da Stage, Cypress doing Black Sunday, Black Star reforming, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill…. It is like somebody looked inside my brain and created my perfect gig. If any rich editor wants to pay for my flights and accommodation to NYC I’ll gladly string a few words together for you regarding this ridiculous gig. Hit me on my pager.

I finished up work late the other night and decided I deserved a longneck after a long stretch in the office. So I rolled into the Reservoir bottle-o and ran into Tornts. It kinda’ felt like I had walked into one of his film clips. Anyway he reminded me that he just dropped the track Street Mode for download. Does this guy ever stop releasing his constant griminess? The song is on some grandiose action film strings, $5 claps and drums with that verbal brutality Tornts has perfected. It was perfect longneck swilling music.

Remember when The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief formed a supergroup called Almighty Mighty Pythons over a decade ago? Maybe not, if you didn’t catch the 12″ (check for the track AMP on YouTube), cause the LP was shelved. There is a petition going round to have the record label drop it. Sign that shit.

Note to all those schmucks who manage all these ‘Oz Hip Hop’ Facebook pages. All of you are nothing more than a hip hop Craigslist who contribute jackshit to the scene. As a front door to local hip hop you’re lacking. Develop some character, a goddam opinion, show some quality control and do something more than just spamming. Oh and that Support Oz Hip Hop logo you all abuse, it aint yours arseholes. Go pay Brendan over at BURN Crew royalties for every piece of shit merchandise you sell sporting the logo he designed.

Bacdafuccup, the ONYX is here! We’re goddamn glad that Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr are bringing their baldheads down to Oz.

After an EP which some people didn’t really mind, Keith Murray and Canibus have teamed up once again under the Undergods moniker to drop an LP. I gotta’ say I wasn’t expecting much as I thought Keith was past his prime and cause Canibus has never dropped anything on wax that could hold your attention longer than 5 minutes. But Keith’s excitable cadence and Canibus’ raspy drawl is a perfect combo and when you throw them over some solid production from a lucky dip of producers the finished product is pretty damn good. There are some snoozers for sure, but things like the classic Green Eyed Bandit beat on The Guilty Will Pay where Crooked I joins the party, makes up for the shortfalls.

So Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All sold out in like 5 minutes. I guess Supreme sportin hipsters know how to work they smartphones good huh? I’m thinking that the kids swaggin’ out in the crowd are probably going to burn the Prince Bandroom down, so somebody get me backstage please.