King Of The North @ The Palace

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King Of The North @ The Palace


Fans of rock ‘n’ roll, The Palace salutes you! Their House of Rock nights definitely live up to the name – the place breathes rock ‘n’ roll, from the hardcore tunes to the hardcore crowd. By the time King of the North started, everyone was pumped, fairly drunk and ready to go.

The duo from Adelaide has literally been making a lot of noise in the world of rock (having opened for Cold Chisel the week before). The energetic two-piece have the stage presence of an entire rock ensemble, with their sound continually changed thanks to guitarist Andrew Higgs’ crafty amp configurations.

Drummer Danny Leo looked badarse, with a beard that would impress ZZ Top and some serious power behind those sticks. The dynamic is similar to The Black Keys, but it’s obvious that their main inspiration is the legendary Led Zeppelin – the boys even finished with a cover of Immigrant Song.

Higgs vocals are almost pitch-perfect to Robert Plant’s and he’s capable of holding the high notes, on a similar scale to Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. The boys finished with a song from their upcoming EP called Ride, which was harder than their other stuff but it was good to finish on such an intensive high.


LOVED: Embracing the rock vibe.

HATED: That it didn’t go all night.

DRANK: Everything.