Kimbra : Settle Down

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Kimbra : Settle Down


Pretty sure I already reviewed this single when they released it the first time, sometime last year. Also reasonably sure I had good things to say about Kiwi Kimbra and her dorky, Bjork-style dance moves. This edition of her debut single comes with a quote from the artist, describing her work: “It’s got that immediate quirk to it,” Kimbra says, “A rhythmic collage of handclaps, cheeky horn parping and a ballooning bassline.” Just FYI, it’s not acceptable to describe your own music as “quirky” or “cheeky” – it indicates a calculating self-awareness and quirkiness-by-design that is pretentious rather than odd and cute. It’s also not acceptable to use the word “parping”. “Parping” is not a word.