Kelsey Jean & The Bad Health

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Kelsey Jean & The Bad Health

Bar 303

Kelsey Jean & Vibe union are excited to announce the first single by The Bad Health.
Skipping Stone.

The past few years have seen Kelsey making a name for herself as a whimsical and talented songwriter.
Now with the aid of her new band, The Bad Health, she is transforming her sound. With a folk vein running through the core, they bring new energy with tight grooves and bold lead guitar. Taking heavy inspiration from both modern Melbourne folk & rock bands coupled with 70’s psychedelia, all a perfect backing for Kelsey’s poetic musings and elegant vocals.

Come join us at Bar 303 to celebrate the first step on this band’s journey.

Featuring supports from:

Web Gem
Web Gem is a music project from Melbourne-based, multi-instrumentalist Ed Valentine, which took form in early 2020. With a strong appreciation for the DIY-aesthetics of post-punk and chillwave, as well as the lushness and instrumental variety of psychedelic pop, New Romantic and new wave, Web Gem’s music regularly teases out the tension between gritty and groovy, blending toe-tapping dream pop with brooding and frenetic jams. Web Gem’s debut album It Is What It Is, produced by Wayde Suchodolskiy, was released in September 2022 via Trifle Records.


Folk-rock trio from “melbourne” telling stories about people, places and things.


This and all Vibe Union events are run in accordance with covid safety measures in cooperation with the venue.