Keep It Together Festival: Full throttle party and ‘yearly reminder of Melbourne’s beauty’

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Keep It Together Festival: Full throttle party and ‘yearly reminder of Melbourne’s beauty’

Keep It Together Festival

Melbourne's newest festival - the aptly named Keep It Together - has a lot more to offer than just Boxing Day drinks with your crew in the sun.

Gracing Melbourne on one of our most iconic public holidays, Keep It Together festival is going to be elating the kids of the 2000s while the MCG hosts the Boxing Day test not too far away. Both will be celebrations of Melbourne’s newfound freedoms, but one’s going to be a hell of a lot more cathartic.

The Keep It Together lineup leaves no uncertainty as to who this festival is for. It features some of Australia’s best party starters of the 2005 – 2015 decade, fan favourites that broke new ground for Aussie pop music, in the era that changed pop music forever. With a focus on full-throttle pop music, EDM bangers and masterful RnB purveyors, it’s going to be a no-holds-barred party for the everyday Australian.

What you need to know

  • The Veronicas, Havana Brown, Stafford Brothers and more on Boxing Day
  • Port Melbourne Industrial Centre: 11 Woolboard Road, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
  • Tickets available to Public: Wednesday November 3 – 9AM. First release: $104

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The theme is no more evident than the festival’s headliners; sister act The Veronicas – the first Australian artists to break the million mark for a digital single in the US – who returned to the ARIA charts with their 2019 release ‘Think Of Me’.

Twins born on Christmas Day, the Veronicas were just teenagers when their debut catapulted them to Aussie stardom. Their sophomore album then cracked the US charts in a big way with ‘Untouched’ reaching the top 10, one of multiple singles that have stood the test of time.

Fellow lead-biller Havana Brown, originally from Melbourne, has achieved a similar level of breakthrough success internationally, paving new pathways as the first Australian DJ to be signed to a major label.

She had four consecutive number-one hits on the U.S Billboard Dance Charts during the height of the EDM era, toured extensively as an opener for the world’s biggest acts, and her biggest single – ‘We Run the Night’ with Pitbull – went triple platinum in Australia.

The festival’s lineup doesn’t end there. The Stafford Brothers and Feenixpawl were both streaming sensations in the mid 2010s thanks to hits like ‘In My Mind’ and collabs with the likes of Lil Wayne, while the remaining lineup packs huge experience in RnB and EDM DJing.

“The last few years have been tough for all of Australia,” the festival organisers said. “We have missed out on key family moments, spending time with our friends, and the chance to support local businesses. It’s time to bring us together.

“Keep It Together aims to reunite the music community, to celebrate our hard work and perseverance. Our community needs us. We are committed to incorporating as many local artists and business as possible, to focus on growing our precious industry.

“Keep It Together is a brand new annual festival, a yearly reminder of the beauty of Melbourne. It’s a time to celebrate with our friends and loved ones.”

Head to the Keep It Together Festival website for all info and tickets.