Kate Durham: It’s All in the Details

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Kate Durham: It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details is the title of this show.

I made most of these pieces in lockdown. I think with being somewhat cloistered and remaining housebound and often losing any sense of time’s progress or the world beyond my designated perimeter, my work became more complex. The vision was more myopic, focused more intense, l hope not to the point of neurosis, but as time seemed limitless there was a slowness to the pace of my work. A sense that I could quietly explore, avoid the virus and with no distractions, the work often became an elaboration on an elaboration. Jewellery inside jewellery.

My exhibition held here in the small gallery at fortyfivedownstairs in 2016 called The Decorated Self contained similar themes, my retort to minimalism and it’s structures. I wanted to pay my respects to Decoration. Decoration and detail are cousins and they both allow the eye to travel which is what the eye seeks.

-Kate Durham