Kasey Chambers : Dragonfly

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Kasey Chambers : Dragonfly


Much like her hero Slim Dusty did all those years ago, Kasey Chambers is looking forward and looking back on her eighth solo LP. Of course, when you’ve been making music since you were a child, there is a lot to take in – and it’s on the back of this that Dragonfly deserves credit from the outset.

 It’s an ambitious double disc, acknowledging every corner of the musical spectrum Chambers has touched upon. She leads chilling proto-blues harmonies on Shackle and Chain, plays to her chart-topping accessibility on the title track and lambastes her own life while chuckling through a Dylan impression on Talkin’ Baby Blues. Special guests come along for the ride; with mixed results – Paul Kelly, who produced disc one, feels right at home on the playful Hey, while Keith Urban sounds as though he Skyped in his ad-libs for If We Had a Child.

Your mileage may vary on Dragonfly depending on how involved a fan you are. Statistically speaking, however, there’s roughly 80 minutes worth of music here – meaning if you’ve cared enough to stop and listen in the past, there’s enough here to get you to do it again.

By David James Young