Justice : Woman

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Justice : Woman


In a world where paint-by-numbers, blaring electropop dominates the charts, it’s easy to lose sight of the pioneering electronic acts of decades past – and just how much more this broad genre has to offer beyond soaring choruses and club-friendly beats.


Looking back at the previous decade, French duo Justice, perhaps best known for their 2007 hit D.A.N.C.E., come to mind when considering the cream of the crop of the indie dance world. Now, nine years later, the pair have returned with their third album, Woman.


Woman is slow-building and subtle yet powerful, with a perfect ensemble of elements flowing and meshing together across the ten track effort. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself nodding along to a funky bassline or singing one of the looping choruses. Soaring strings and the duo’s signature choir bellowings are interspersed among the high-energy drums and synths of Alakazam! and blissful pop of Randy and Love S.O.S.


While initially very strong, kicking off with lead single Safe and Sound, the second half of the album starts to falter, with the tedious Chorus clocking in at over seven minutes. Heavy Metal also misses the mark, sounding like a gothic supernatural theme tune on steroids.


Despite a couple of lows, Woman sees Justice return to their glory days of the mid-2000s, and many of the tracks would serve well as a staple for summer playlists.


By Kelsey Berry