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Session Times

Wed to Sat: 8pm

This event is part of the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

This Melbourne Fringe Festival, join critically acclaimed Variety Artist, Anna Lumb and Drag Icon DANDROGYNY as they navigate the tiny space in the front seat of a beat-up Beamer while a casual lift home after a gig shifts dangerously into fifth gear.

The bastard child of Thelma and Louise and Wild at Heart, Joyride is an electric reimagining of the quintessential road movie as a voyeuristic live experience complete with a physical theatre, dark comedy, and dance.

Spotlighting the glorification of “the car” in Western society, Joyride takes this symbol upon which we project our desires, values, and identities and presses private parts up against the windshield, while secrets are flung out of the windows.

A representation of status and power, as well as a coveted refuge, the car is an autonomous space. A space of contemplation, a bubble, a place we can eat, fight, laugh, sing, and rage. Test driving the full potential of this world as a theatrical stage, this exciting new 45-minute performance is a prototype in the development of a new hybrid physical theatre and live artwork.

Running in Carpark at the Festival Hub for two weeks only and supported by the Melbourne Fringe Cash to Create Fund, Joyride is a must-see experience during the 2023 Festival!

Anna Lumb is a Melbourne based circus artist, theatre maker, writer, and actor. She has performed at circus, music, and theatre festivals around the world (Finucane and Smith’s Glory Box/The Burlesque Hour, La Soiree, New York’s Absinthe) and has toured extensively with world renowned Sway (formerly Strange Fruit) and Strut and Fret Production House. She is a core-collaborator of the award-winning outfit Retro Futurismus. Her solo work combines text, circus, and comedy in a variety of short form and full-length performances, including the critically acclaimed Hard to Reach Places and her popular touring children’s show, Super Amazing Giant Girl.