Josh Wade is The Woke Bloke

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Josh Wade is The Woke Bloke


“It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done because it’s allowed me to not be relatable,” Wade explains. “If anything, I want to be the most un-relatable person on earth.”

Now at 23 years old, Wade’s world is in a state of flux as he’s taking the full leap into adulthood. For a comedian who, at the mere age of 17, rose up on the back of his viral content, Wade now has over one million online followers and enjoys a spot in the Top 100 Australian YouTubers. But it sounds like Wade is rethinking what to do with all that social capital.

“Ever since I was 17, I’ve been working in this social media space, so I live in a bit of an echo chamber,” Wade says. “And for me, it comes down to legacy over likes. You could take away all of it and if just 100 people cared about what I have to say and how I want to change society in my own ways for the better, then that’s what’s important.”

The Woke Bloke promises to wrestle with untouchable subjects, from 9/11 to satanic cults, in what’s being plastered as a kind of conspiracy theory MythBusters special…or is it? “It changed from that. It’s not that. Doing conspiracy theories on stage is like talking about chapter six in the seventh Harry Potter book. Not everyone is that far in yet.

“This is probably the last time I’ll do stand- up comedy – and this isn’t really stand-up comedy, it’s a black and white TED Talk. It’s my experience through life. I’m not here to fuck spiders,” Wade asserts.

“Most of [my followers] aren’t going out and getting their thing. But I’m no different to anyone else; I fucking come from a shithole town, a shit fucking family, the same story that everyone has. And I marketed the word ‘c***’, the most unmarketable thing in the entire world. Don’t tell me that being an actor is unrealistic, but studying to be a teacher for four years just so you can maybe be happy with what mum thinks of you, is realistic! That’s bullshit. You’re going to die – so do something that’s going to fucking make you live your life.”

It’s a new approach for the Aussie entertainer, and while it might not be comedy in his eyes, audiences can surely count on getting their full dose of Josh Wade. “For me, this is about using my voice for more than just – cut to someone coming up to me at the end of the show going, ‘hey mate, you’re a funny c***,’ ‘cos that’s too selfish for me to take that.”

By Andrew Nardi