Jordie Lane, Friday 12 August, The Corner Hotel

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Jordie Lane, Friday 12 August, The Corner Hotel


Tonight’s bill of three contemplative, young, gents all performing their own brand of folk infused country and blues-based ballads was never going to put the security staff to the test. The only hostility on the dance floor was an over-zealous air conditioner.


Little John sure warmed the crowd’s hearts though. John Dickson and his exceptional bandmates trade in tender sentiments, using angelic harmonies and a delicate blend of stringed-instruments that can silence a crowd or in turn, incite a hoedown. Ain’t Ever Gonna Leave You, Covetously and title-track, Put Your Hands On Me evoke spirit and soul. Ain’t No Mountain sees Dickson’s vocal reminiscent of Orbison. Their two sets concluding in rapturous applause.


Mike Noga then declared, ‘I’m wearing my Friday night jacket and I feel good’. It showed. His set boasted Time To Begin, The Day We Almost Died and Long Summer Days from 2004’s Folk Songs. His honest, throaty vocal articulating the despair and concerns that his songs often profess. A regular solo performer now, Noga demonstrates increasing aptitude with the guitar. His harmonica, and percussion essential elements to The Cold Year, Piss On A Butterfly and M’Belle; all taken from his recently released, The Balladeer Hunter. Ballad Of An Ordinary Man as evocative as a song gets.


Read anything about Jordie Lane’s new album Blood Thinner and it’s all Joshua Tree Inn, torched guitars and discount 4-tracks. He’s happy to take time out and share it with us, yet again. Fortunately his singing and songwriting abilities are more impressive than his relentless tales of traipsing around the U.S. on a dime and the pointless pre-rehearsed antics involving coke cans and hand-holding which detract from any emotive engagement to the music.


He does have musical talent and Dig Straight Through, as well as Waters Clear Here Dear, Annabelle Marie and Not From Round Here encapsulate the strength of his vocals and guitar. The band is tight and sound great. Matt Green is a crucial asset on guitar and backing vocals. Stevie Hesketh’s Wurlitzer adding to an extremely memorable I Sinned Today which will hopefully be the lasting taste on the audience’s pallet, not the pungent drivel.




Loved: Witnessing three distinctively diverse performers permeating from a somewhat similar genre of music.


Hated: Lane’s irresponsible burning of his imitation, western shirt. You can’t orchestrate legend Jordie.


Drank: One less beer than I should’ve thanks to my non-compliant ‘plus one’.