Jimeoin – Lovely

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Jimeoin – Lovely


You know someone’s funny when they say something that you wholeheartedly disagree with but still manage to chuckle. It’s usually because they’re lovable, too. That’s Jimeoin in a nutshell, really. The title of his show is a random reference to Irish history in which people inscribed ‘love’ or ‘lovely’ over the names of military organisations, which were seen all over the walls in Northern Ireland. It also alludes to Jimeoin’s viewpoint that political opinions should be scribbled out of comedy. While I disagree with this particularly view of his, the manner in which he finds the hilarity in the small details of everyday existence would prove that he’s simply working his own magic.

If you rock up to his show late and have front-row seats, there’s a high probability that he’ll pick on you or wear that pink jumper that you’re holding onto for his entire set, as he did on this particular night. Physical comedy is undoubtedly Jimeoin’s specialty. There are very few comics who evoke as much laughter from a slight facial expression as Jimeoin. Whether he’s talking about the absurdity of hotels or dysfunctional pens, the expat Irish comedian is the kind of guy who’ll make you laugh in the dullest situations. His method of testing a joke’s quality is a cracker, too. Best moment, though, was when he spoke about how we mischievously delight in our friends’ misfortunes and possess little interest in their joys.