JG Thirlwell: Silver Mantis

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JG Thirlwell: Silver Mantis

Step into uncharted sonic territory as Melbourne-born, New York-based artist JG Thirlwell’s critically acclaimed, Silver Mantis, takes audiences on an electro-acoustic journey. Seamlessly blending theremin, software and sampling, and prepared piano, Thirlwell’s composition unfolds into a multi-dimensional experience. From its elastic performance to its dynamic blend of musique concrète, electronic sound, and live instrumentation, Silver Mantis plays with listeners’ expectations through cinematic diversity and stylistic left-turns, evoking a powerful tension between time and anxiety.

Performed with projections exclusively made for the show by acclaimed Swedish artist, Sten Backman, Silver Mantis has enraptured audiences at prestigious international venues such as Roulette Intermedia, Cafe Oto, and Elastic Arts. A visionary composer, producer and performer, Thirlwell is renowned for his dramatic intensity and evocative, cinematic quality. With over thirty albums released and collaborations with luminaries including Karen O, Nick Cave, and Nine Inch Nails, witness Thirlwell’s boundary pushing artistry as he transforms the Primrose Potter Salon into a sublime cinematic and sonic experience.