Jeff Green : All Guns Blazing

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Jeff Green : All Guns Blazing


Jeff Green’s a stalwart and guaranteed good for a laugh. He’s a kind comic, you feel safe in his hands. He jokes about ordinary things like the weather in Melbourne and jibes latecomers with references to what’s gone before but he’s careful not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. His humour is based around exaggeration and an old-fashioned rudeness and sharing his personality. These days he makes jokes about kids and the questions they ask and things like wondering how much pre-family man drug-taking he should confess to.

Green is still funny, even when talking about tired topics like life in the suburbs. He uses imagery to create vivid mental pictures and comes out with some surprising similes. He’s particularly funny about bad drunken sex – ‘like playing snooker with a rope’ – and about having to ‘fold it in’. He recently performed to Australian troops in East Timor, travelling next to a well-known muso who he mistook for one of the catering team; I would like to hear more about that.

Green is skilled at holding the stage, he commands attention and creates an atmosphere which doesn’t encourage heckling. You have to like him. However, he makes a mistake in indulging himself by performing a rap song he wrote about his cat Silky and also a poem to conclude the show, both of which are pretty awful. Neither form is his forte and these elements detract from the humour in the rest of the show. Also when Green veers into politics you feel he does so to give himself some heft because the jokes here are undeveloped and very ‘lite’; he’s much funnier when he sticks to the personal stories.