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JAZZPARTY announce their 10th year of Monday Night residencies (WTF!!) and will be returning to The Curtin front bar for Monday Nights in November. The Curtin is one of JAZZPARTY’S longest-running spots, our safe space and spiritual home. Please Music Gods… do not bring the curtains down on The Curtin!

JAZZPARTY has been called a New Orleans processionals meets Twin Peaks. A bad decision, come good. A sweaty, dirty, feverish delirium that makes people who hate Jazz do some soul searching and people who hate saxophone change their minds… It’s Melbourne’s Monday Night secret society led by Loretta Miller and Darcy McNulty.

“Essentially we are a dirty beatnik rock n’roll band and play Jazz and Soul music” – Darcy McNulty.

Joining Darcy and Loretta is a musical freakshow –  Guitarist/vocalist Lachlan Mitchell, heartbreaker Pianist Gideon Priess, Double Bassist and cult dance hero Jules Pascoe, baby faced assassin Eamon McNelis and hard wakkin’ rhythmical quasar Dom Hede.

JAZZPARTY is like nothing you have seen before or will likely see again, as if a wild shindig collided with a cult gathering. If anyone gets hurt or has an existential crisis… McNulty may have to quote The Wire and say  “What the F*** did I do??”

As the future of the Curtin is uncertain, this may be the last time they ever play this venue so are really hoping that the loosest dirtiest party people will join us. We want folks to know that if you aren’t up for the dirt, the sweat, the juice, and the looseness you might be respectfully ushered off the dance floor.

There will of course be special guests, surprises as well as old favorites, and DJs playing into the night.