It’s Alright Guys: Bear Grylls Is Doing A Show

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It’s Alright Guys: Bear Grylls Is Doing A Show


I am hoping that what this means is that Bear will camp out inside the convention centre for a few days prior to the event and then reveal his survival strategies to us when we see the show. He will have eaten the velvet of the curtains, the crumbs from the carpet and will have piled chairs and lecterns together to create a small hut for himself. 

In Bear Grylls‘ two-hour live show he will share experiences with survival in some of the world’s toughest environments. He broke his back in three places after a parachuting accident when he was 21 and alter climbed Mount Everest at 23. Survivor indeed, his TV show Man Vs Wild shows him clawing his way back to civilisation (via drinking his own urine and eating various inedible things) from terribly remote and inhospitable locations.

Apparently he is also UK’s Chief Scout, a blackbelt in karate and one of People magazine’s Sexiest Men. That’s quite a list of achievements.