‘It hasn’t been done before’: The tallest vertical garden in the world is being built in Melbourne

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‘It hasn’t been done before’: The tallest vertical garden in the world is being built in Melbourne

tallest vertical garden
Words by Staff Writer

Melbourne property developer Beulah has announced that the forthcoming construction of the tallest tower in Australia - STH BNK in Melbourne - will feature the world's tallest vertical garden.

With the trend in greenified construction spearheading perpetual record-setting attempts around the world, STH BNK is certainly set to break the record of another claimant for the title – Sydney’s One Central Park.

One Central Park claimed that it would be the tallest vertical garden in the world at the time of its construction but has recently suffered from a myriad of issues, from a court case surrounding flammable cladding to the collapse of one of its planter boxes onto the street below. 

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STH BNK’s vertical garden will sprawl 5.5-kilometres – if laid out flat – which the developers note is the length of The Tan running track nearly 1.5 times over.

The developers say the external garden will attract birdlife, help to produce oxygen, provide vegetable patches and filter dust and pollution, saying it will integrate greenery across ground levels and surrounding outdoor areas, totaling over 15,500m2 of landscaped space.

With no shortage of formerly-landscaped structures around the city suffering due to drought or prolonged sun exposure, Beulah also noted that key to the project’s success will be the selection of resilient plant species indigenous to coastal and mountainous regions. A dedicated nursery in Victoria will cultivate the chosen plant species, subjecting them to conditions mirroring those of their intended environment.

“With recent events highlighting the importance of a close connection to nature, beautiful, biophilic design is more important now than ever, particularly as Melburnians become more aware of the need for health and wellbeing,” Adelene Teh, Executive Director of Beulah said.

“This is the tallest vertical garden in the world, it hasn’t been done before at this scale so we hope that it sets a precedent for other skyscrapers to follow suit as well.”

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