Into the Heart of Wonderland is bringing a lengthy electronic lineup to Brunswick

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Into the Heart of Wonderland is bringing a lengthy electronic lineup to Brunswick

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Into the Heart of Wonderland is taking over Craftsman's Corner in East Brunswick on November 11.

Meander through the Craftsman’s Corner; the palace of the Queen of Hearts; to unlock the rooms that hold the secret to Wonderland.

A smokey feast will be on offer for the carnivore and the herbivore alike (vegan and GFO available)! Arrive before 5pm to enter the games free of charge at her Majesty’s will.

Into the Heart of Wonderland lineup

  • Cable Knights
  • Hyasynth b2b You.Me
  • Sergeant
  • Dan Lucho
  • Cardona Voyager: Music from the universe
  • Genesis Underground
  • Knights
  • VORA (UK)
  • James Beetham (Late Night Music)
  • Artheesh
  • Nick Angel
  • _sleepee_
  • Ripple Knights
  • David Stubs
  • Zabi
  • Motion:Theory:Music Knights
  • Katharine Blană

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Every room will be providing a glimpse into the mystic myths of this sacred paradise. Saddle your steeds and prepare your chariots to follow the forbidden map to the edge of Lygon Street, Brunswick East to bear witness to a royal spectacle.

The Four Kings; Cable, Ripple, Genesis Underground and Motion:Theory:Music will battle for the Queens heart over a 10 hour gruelling musical duel from 3pm sharp until 1am…the victor earning their seat on the throne of Wonderland.

The Four Kings have put forward their bravest knights whom will bring the sting to the frolicking festivities. Who will be the best suitor and who will bear the misfortune of ‘off with their heads?’

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