Inside the world’s largest vegan supermarket

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Inside the world’s largest vegan supermarket

The Cruelty Free Shop

With over 3000 vegan products, The Cruelty Free Shop is the largest vegan supermarket in the world. When did the shop open and what inspired it?

It started as an online shop in 2001 and we opened our flagship shop in Melbourne five years ago. The goal was/is to help people make the change to a more ethical lifestyle without giving up the things they love – we don’t think people should have to sacrifice taste or range.

Why is it important that we are more mindful of sustainability in food and retail?

Meat and dairy production are major contributors to climate change. Reducing or eliminating these is a simple thing that every person can do to help save our world.

You specialise in vegan versions of non-vegan products. Tell us more about this.

We specialise in vegan versions of non-vegan products so people can make the change to a more environmentally friendly, healthy, ethical diet without having to give up the foods they love. Our most popular products are our dairy-free cheese, cream and mock meats. These products help make it easier for people to cook familiar dishes making the change to vegan meals an easy transition.

For someone who has never ventured into The Cruelty Free Shop, why should they stop by?

We have expert staff on hand to answer all those tricky questions about veganism and provide advice, free recipes, cooking demos and recommendations. On top of that, we support local makers and small businesses and also have over 3000 vegan products, including over 70 varieties of vegan cheese!

Find The Cruelty Free Shop at 124 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, open seven days. You can also make purchases online at their website.