Indonesian Film Festival returns, breaking cultural and time barriers

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Indonesian Film Festival returns, breaking cultural and time barriers

Indonesian Film Festival
Words by Dhika Maheswara

This year's IFF shines a light on the present and past of Indonesian cinema.

The Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) has returned for its 18th annual celebration of Indonesian film heritage. The theme ‘Chronicles of Indonesia’s Cinematic Visual Storytelling’ explores the nation’s rich and diverse cinematic history by tying the knots of the past with the present.

So far, the festival has hosted several events as a precursor to the main affair which included a short film competition, an educational screening and an outdoor cinema event.

Indonesian Film Festival

  • 26 – 28 April 2024
  • ACMI
  • Tickets and show info here

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However, the climax is just about to start, as from Friday, 26th of April until Sunday, 28th of April, screening events will be assembled on ACMI, with each day showcasing a special Indonesian film (with English subtitles of course!).

Additionally, engaging Q&A sessions will also be held with the stars of the films, giving an exclusive opportunity for guests to interact with the amazing people behind the scenes. Read on for more details of the films that will be showcased, as well as the special guests who will be appearing for the live sessions!

Day 1: Sehidup Semati

To kick things off, we have Sehidup Semati (Till Death Do Us Part) directed by Upi, a thrilling tale that bravely explores the sensitive issues of marriage, divorce and dating apps. Brought to you by StarvisionPlus, this ambitious approach to a love story will take you on the most compelling twists and turns! In addition to that, the event will also feature an online Q&A session with actress Asmara Abigail right after the screening.

Day 2: Sijjin

On the second day, we have Sijjin directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu. Adapted from the popular Turkish film Siccin (2014), the story begins with a teenage girl falling madly in love with her cousin which unfolds into a terrifying tale of black magic and forbidden romance. Courtesy of Rapi Films, this Indo horror is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of anyone audacious enough to give it a go. Right after the screening, there will be a live Q&A session with actor Ibrahim Risyad.

Day 3: 13 Bom di Jakarta 

Closing off the festival is 13 Bom Di Jakarta (13 Bombs In Jakarta) directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko. Inspired by a real event that occurred in 2015, this movie is set in the metropolitan city of Jakarta and tells the story of a terrorist group who have scattered 13 bombs across town, which they will only deactivate for billions of rupiah worth of bitcoin. Provided by Visinema Pictures, this film is an action-packed spectacle of drama and deception that will no doubt blow you away!  The guest stars for the live Q&A session will be actor and musician Ardhito Pramono, as well as actress Niken Anjani.

For more information and ticket purchases, head on here.