In A Moment

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In A Moment


Tell us about your show? In A Moment is very personal to both Ashlen and Emily; utilising the narrative framework of their own friendship to provide a context to explore the meaning of a moment.  

Can you share a moment you two have always remembered? When Ashlen arrived at the dance building at the Victorian College of the Arts she had been experiencing crippling anxiety, to the point that she nearly ran away and dropped out before their first class, before the day had even begun. As she backtracked her way towards the door to run home, on the last step towards the ground floor she bumped into Emily, who greeted and calmed Ashlen simply with a smile. Together they walked back to class and the day continued as normal. This moment has been utilised within In A Moment in fact, as it set the standard for the supportive friendship that strengthens their collaborative approach to choreography. Without this moment, In A Moment would not exist.

How have the events in your life turned into material? As the work itself was an exploration of moments, Ashlen and Emily both chose to explore their own personal life events in order to develop the structure and movement within the piece.  

Does your show have audience participation? In more ways than expected In A Moment involves audience participation. The audience is free to roam within the space, as with only two dancers the work needed to feel intimate, welcoming the audience to move through the space allows for the free form of the space in which the dancers perform.