Session Times
4:00pm, 7:00pm
Mon – Wed:
6:00pm, 8:30pm

By Daniel Nellor, after Schnitzler

A gripping premiere season that deals with love, class, sex, betrayal and the apocalyptic realities of a landscape on fire, Ignis is the story of 10 individuals and 10 encounters.

A PHD student visits a sex worker. A compromised politician can’t quite manage intimacy with his wife. Two old school friends rekindle a flame. An injured firefighter meets a bored nurse. Within a city negotiating a Summer of punishing bushfires, an uncommon group of people emerge searching for meaning and connection in a chaotic and frightening world.

Unfolding live in the unique and intimate setting at Sofitel Melbourne, the Anthropocene Play Company brings Melbourne audiences a truly immersive experience. Characters guide you from room to room as each scene unfolds – the hotel itself cast in the rich emotional landscape of the play.

Performed by the Anthropocene Play Company ensemble and directed by Bronwen Coleman (Director DIRT – Critics Circle and Frank Ford Award Winner Adelaide Fringe 2021), Ignis runs this Melbourne Fringe for eight shows only over four days. With a limited capacity per show, book early to avoid missing this exclusive theatrical experience.