Iaki Vallejo

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Iaki Vallejo

Multi-disciplinary artist Iaki Vallejo offers an enchanting performance at Kew Court House, unveiling new compositions that pay homage to the cultures that inform her music.

Iaki Vallejo’s artistry is a fusion of diverse influences, seamlessly weaving together Latin American rhythms, jazz harmonies and the earthy soul of folk.

Drawing inspiration from her African and indigenous Colombian roots, Iaki infuses her music and performances with a heartfelt authenticity. Her captivating stage presence, warmth, and charisma have enthralled audiences, earning her a nomination for The Best Intercultural Act in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards.

Her distinctive style is marked by a modern twist, incorporating electronic sounds and effects that elevate her performance to new dimensions. A a singer, songwriter, music producer, video director and visual artist, Iaki Vallejo gives audiences a truly immersive experience.

The Arts Bar opens from 7pm. Allocated theatre style seating.