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I Know Leopard


Could you tell us about your new single? Rather Be Lonely is the result of our current obsession with space in music. It originally had double the amount of layers, typical of what we have done in our previous material, but this time when we stripped it back we were blown away at how much bigger and bolder it sounded.

What are the best and worst parts of being out on the road? We’ve recently decided not to do any more interstate drives – we all get a little too irritable. Multiple load ins and load outs can suck. Especially the frustration of failing van packing tetris and having to start again. Apart from that touring is the best. Meeting people that connect with your music, making friends that are on the same path to doom as you. It’s all very life affirming.

Being based in Sydney, do you think the lockouts are damaging the music scene? It is without a doubt affecting the music scene. Unfortunately there’s currently a bit of a defeated feeling present in our city. We’re really lacking the smaller clubs and venues required to develop and nurture new bands and artists and maintain a music scene.

What’s the plan post tour? We’ll be releasing another single. Whether that will be on the album or not we can’t say for sure. We’re continuing to work on our debut record which we couldn’t be more excited about. We would ideally like to have the first cut from it released before December.