‘I don’t know if it’s prescription meth or my inability to practice mindfulness’: Alex Hines is Putting on a Show

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‘I don’t know if it’s prescription meth or my inability to practice mindfulness’: Alex Hines is Putting on a Show

Alex Hines
words by joshua jennings

In her new hour, Putting on a Show, Hines will be manifesting more personas in a performance featuring “surreal dream sequences, psychic abilities and a villainous umbilical cord”.

In Putting on a Show, Alex Hines forgoes the character show format that has made her one of the acclaimed Australian comedians of recent years (Moosehead, Golden Gibbo, Melbourne Fringe and Green Room Award winner) for a show as Alex Hines, showcasing her formidable stand-up skills before splintering into her famous fantastical worlds.

Alex Hines – Putting on a Show

  • April 9 to 21
  • The Malthouse – The Tower
  • Tickets are on sale now

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You’re quoted as saying you’ve become a parody of yourself. Can you elaborate on what that means? 

I don’t know if it’s the prescription meth or my inability to practice mindfulness, but I’ve lost my personality to pure persona – I’ve devolved into a thin-lipped no-name girl from Brisbane, desperate to make it in the big smoke. 

What can you reveal about Putting on a Show that audiences wouldn’t already be aware of? 

It’s a comedy extravaganza: standup, sketch, surreal dream sequences, psychic abilities and a villainous umbilical cord, honey… this show has it all. I don’t want to reveal too much but I promise you’ve never experienced anything like my little chaos-core fantasia. 

How long did it take to put the show together?

In the past I have created work in super intensive developments. Over the last year, I’ve been trying to blend that process with working material out at gigs. It’s been low-key horrifying, but now I have a little Frankenstein baby, nearly ready to terrify the world. 


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Sarah Stafford is directing your show again. What positive impact has she had on your previous shows that she brings to Putting on a Show too?

Sarah is a mad genius and the funniest person I know. I will vomit insanity at her feet and she will simply scoop it up and mould it into art. Both being from a theatre-making background helps us in rehearsals, but we approach devising very differently. 

She’s the queen of live green screen, and performance art and is famously referred to as the Robin Williams of Brisbane – everyone needs a Sarah Stafford. 

What have you learned about her as a director that you were less aware of during your previous collaborations? 

The bitch would die for me, but I’ve known it since day dot really. Our method of collaboration evolves for each show but the way we fit together seems to remain. 

What can you say about the experience of immersing yourself in the lives of the characters you portray? 

I love doing my characters like Slug Girl and Juniper Wilde. It’s bizarre that more people don’t do characters. Like, okay… cool… you love being yourself… must be nice. 

You’ve spoken about drinking purple Powerade every time you do Juniper Wilde. What are examples of other rituals you have to get into character? 

Despite how hard my psych has tried to change me, I always work from the outside in. It’s the same with character – makeup, wigs and costumes are my tools for conjuring. 

How easy is it for you to switch characters such as Juniper Wilde back on once you rest them? 

Juniper Wilde and Slug Girl are both a part of my DNA at this point. If anything, I wish there was more distance between me and them.  

You’re a 2024 Moosehead Award recipient. How does this change 2024 for you?

I’m a middle child from a broken home, so it makes my heart hot to be acknowledged by literally anyone – but the Mooseheads is next level. It’s allowing me to bring my ridiculous theatrical visions to life. I had a set design meeting today and my jaw was on the floor, it’s so exciting! It’s in my gratitude journal every morning. 

What do you have planned for the remainder of the year? 

Self-testing for commercials I’ll be lucky to get a call back for… RIP. I’m touring Putting On A Show to Sydney and Brisbane, then rumours of international adventures. God forbid I make a name for myself in this town.

Putting on a Show begins at MICF on April 9. Get tickets here.